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Mobile apps for music professionals

Film Scoring Tempo Finder aids the film composer in the process of selecting the proper tempo to score a cue in a film. By entering the timing notes (SMPTE values) for each hit point in a cue, Tempo Finder will search a range of tempos to select the optimal tempo for composing music for the cue.


* Quickly search and compare multiple tempos for the best result
* Automatic “offset-shifting” to create even more accurate results by slightly shifting the starting time
* Print the musical score which can be used as a scratch pad for sketching ideas
* Export a Midi file to create a completely mapped-out template in your DAW


ClickBook, also known as a Click Track Book, is a utility designed for film composers. By entering a specific tempo (in beats-per-minute) you are given a list of timings represented by minute:second:fraction-of-a-second (ex: 2:37.88).

Every beat's timing (quarter notes, if for example, you are composing in 4/4) is displayed with the actual millisecond offset from the beginning of the music.

Film composers have used the click book to help decide on the best tempo to compose in by how closely based each timing is to the "hit" (or event) of the scene.


Tempo Delay Calc is the simplest and quickest tool to calculate digital delay times. Perfectly synchronize the tempo of your music to the delay effect. Match the beat exactly!

Simply enter the tempo in beats-per-minute to calculate the values in milliseconds. Results are displayed for note values from half notes to thirty-second notes. It also includes calculations for dotted and triplet note values.

Tempos can be entered as whole numbers or as fractional tempos. Fractional tempos offer a finer level of accuracy, especially for film scoring. An easy-to-use on/off switch toggles fractional- and non-fractional tempos. When entering a fractional tempo, the decimal point is implied. In other words, you are not required to enter a decimal point - it is entered for you. All settings are saved until you change them again.